Weapons in Grand Theft Auto 2 consist of a mixture of existing equipment brought over from Grand Theft Auto 1 and additional weaponry that range from the realistic to the outlandish, in line with its futuristic settings. The weapons offered include firearms carried by the player, in addition to vehicle-mounted weaponry.

Weapons in GTA 2 may be picked up in a wider variety of methods; in addition to conventional weapon pickups throughout the city, the player may acquire weapons by crushing vehicles or from deceased gang members and law enforcers.

Weapons returning from GTA 1 Edit

The core weapons from GTA 1 were entirely carried over to GTA 2, with a few minor improvements, but are otherwise similar as its predecessors.


AMT AutoMag II pistol

unkown machine gun

MK153 Mod SMAW


Weapons introduced in GTA 2 Edit

Portable weapons Edit

GTA 2 introduced 6 news portable weapons, two of which are merely modifications of the original firearms, while the remaining four are newly designed, consisting of two guns and two thrown weapons.

Dual Pistol

Silenced S-Uzi Machine Gun

Mossberg 500


Molotov Cocktail


Vehicle-based weapons Edit

Like standard vehicles, players cannot normally fire a weapon from a vehicle. However, specific vehicles or upgrades allow the player to activate a number of lethal or non-lethal weapons while in a vehicle. Upgrades are typically available by acquiring a weapons pickup, or upgrading a vehicle in a specific garage at a cost, while readily armed vehicles may also be obtained under certain conditions.

Proximity Mine

Vehicle oil Slick

Vehicle bomb

Vehicle machine gun

Readily mounted weapon Edit

Machine Gun (Land Roamer)

Water Cannon


Rocket Launcher

Deleted weapons Edit

At least two weapons have been known to be cut during development of the game. While inaccessible in the final retail version of the game, their weapon icons still exist in game files.


Instant Vehicle Bomb